Peer Review Process

The process of submission to acceptance in AHDC ("Journal of Architecture in Hot and Dry Climate") can be summarized in 6 main steps:

1- Manuscript Submission (by Corresponding Author)

2- Initial Evaluation

3- Evaluation by Editorial Board

4- Peer-review (Double-Blind)

All manuscripts will be subject to a well-established, fair, unbiased review and referring procedure, and are considered on the basis of their significance, novelty and usefulness to the Journals readership. The reviewing structure will always ensure the anonymity of the referees. The review output will be one of the following decisions:

1) Accept

2) Accept with minor revisions

3) Accept with major revisions

4) Reject 

Author/s will receive comments provided by the reviewers for their articles. In case of minor/ major revisions, they will be asked to make modifications based on the provided comments which again will be sent for the next phase of review.

5- Language Editing and Page Layout

6- Printing and Publishing (by Acceptance Time Priority)