Aims and Scope

The journal of "Architecture in Hot and Dry Climate" is a progression of the “City and Local Architecture” journal published since 2011. The journal resumed its publication in 2016 with a new title and was promoted to the scientific status of a " research and scientific " journal. The aim of the journal is to publish the results of scientific researches in the field of contemporary architecture, vernacular and indigenous architecture and other relevant arts to architecture in the hot and dry climate and geography. The journal also welcomes articles in the areas of restoration, urban design, contextualism, sustainability and energy that are related to architecture.

The journal publishes articles with the following content as its top priority:

  • Introduction of a lesser known architectural works and typologies, as well as architectural structures and infrastructures (for example, the Qanat), or the introduction of the known architectural cases with an innovative approach
  • Introduction of vernacular architectural techniques in different regions of Iran's hot and dry climate, as well as introducing modern architectural methods based on indigenous methods.
  • Introducing and documenting the experience of conservation, restoration and rehabilitation of historic buildings with an analytical approach.
  • Introducing and documenting the evolution and experiences of intervention in urban spaces in the historical fabric in the hot and dry climate with an analytical approach.
  • How to enhance architectural efficiency in hot and dry climate in relation to energy, light, color and sound.
  • The concepts of wisdom of the art of architecture with examples in hot and dry climate.